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If you're struggling with where you exist in your own world, strip away the bullshit which clouds your true identity.  Clarity allows you to connect and communicate with the universe in a whole new manner.



Asserting this new voice within our world creates new outcomes which are more consistent with our outlook.  Become a free Honorary Member to gain access to tons of material helping you along the way...



Show up, be seen, be heard, be FREE.  Utilizing our uniqueness, creativity, and authentic self expression is how we gain connection and fulfillment within our relationships and our world.  Be useful, take part.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"Tony is a remarkable business professional and humanitarian. Among
his many skills and abilities, Tony's life coaching provides several incredible tools which helps individuals achieve the
success they desire "
Kevin Lewis

Lewis Education Group

"Tony has put together the perfect amount of laser focused learning.  He doesn't pull any punches or waste your time with fluff.  If you need it, it's in there.  If it's in there, you need it.

I was amazed at how quickly I was able to gain clarity in my situation and seemingly instantly know what was required to start on a new path.  I'm looking forward to getting to the next level with the Refuze curriculum."

Sir Anthony

On Air with Sir

"Tony is definitely a different type of guy, and that is exactly what I needed to produce the different results I have been looking for.   I had been stuck for so many years, and within the first night of flipping thru the material, I knew exactly where we were going and what it was going to take for me to get there.  Believe me, I wasn't the greatest student, but there was never I time I felt beat.  I just had to keep at it.  I fought change, then I learned to fight my resistence to change. "
Matty Alvini

Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REFUZE?

REFUZE is not only my flagship Self Mastery program, it’s the philosophy I’ve developed over the last 10 years to entirely redesign my life from the ground up.  Each letter in the word R.E.F.U.Z.E. represents a focus point and a specific level of learning within my membership curriculums.    To view an easy to read diagram of the Refuze flow, click here.

As a word, Refuze is the action responsible for producing change.  As a mindset, Refuze is what’s necessary to initiate change.   As a program, Refuze is your path to implementing your change…”

- Tony Kates  

How do I know the REFUZE program is PERFECT for me?

You are a HERO.  You put on this planet to do something GREAT!!  Did you always feel responsible to make things better?  Refuze is ideal for individuals who feel they are here to serve a greater purpose. If you are ready to join the ranks of the new generation of transformation creators, Refuze is what you’ve been looking for.  If you are ready to commit and take full responsibility for your road to success, I have marked a path to help guide you.  If you are ready to take a chance on YOU, play full out, and BE the change the world needs, you’re in the right place.  If you have known all along, but just have been waiting for us to arrive... Refuze is here.

Why should I NOT invest in the REFUZE program?

Refuze is not for anyone who accepts mediocrity. If you’re content with ignoring your intuition and your universal calling to express yourself to the fullest, you need not apply. If you don’t feel called upon to stand in your truth as a role model of possibility, providing your knowledge and innate uniqueness as a means to be of service to others, this site will likely do little more than frustrate and/or confuse you.  

Why do you give your entire REFUZE Program away free?

I did not create Refuze.  Refuze is the fuel which has been powering evolution since long before our arrival and will continue to keep the wheels spinning into whatever is to come next. I am merely someone who recognized a method to creatively visualize this process in order to motivate others to intentionally participate in their own lives.  It is my hope that Refuze will offer you guidance, whether you choose to work directly with me or not.  If you have any questions, or would like my assistance custom fitting you a solution for your specific situation or circumstance, I am HERE and will be more than glad to assist.  

How do I become a Refuz-eneur?

You can gain free access to begin your journey into REFUZE by clicking HERE.  Begin dipping your toe in as a free Honorary Member, getting a good taste of what we are all about and if we are the right solution for you.  

Can/Will you fix my problems?

No.  I do not "fix problems".  I provide learning materials.  From these learning materials you can develop the skills necessary to align your life more appropriate for you.

  • If I simply fix your problems, you have not developed skills to avoid returning to the same problems which brought you here in the first place.
  • You believe your "problems" are the cause of your discomfort.  I will redirect your focus inward allowing you to exist at a higher level then "problems".

How do I continue to grow with REFUZE ?

To follow the training from beginning to end, I recommend you first register as an Honorary Member and enjoy over $1500 worth of programs and information provided to you for free.  Once you have completed all of those, hop in and share your experience in our online Refuze Community.  If you decide to continue, you will  invest $1.00 and upgrade your membership to a 30 day Novice Membership.  Here, your access will be granted to well over $2000 MORE worth of material.  When you're ready, the Apprentice level will continue you forward on your journey equipping you with tons more applicable knowledge, skills, and interaction with other members from within the community.  The next step is to make the investment in yourself and work with me one on one as a Practitioner Member, fine tuning your inner development.  If you are interested in expanding yourself outwardly, the Journeyman Corp is the next best step where you will begin to increase your income and happiness by doing more of what you love.   When this stage is complete, we allow you to consider the opportunity to become a Certified Refuze Mentor Coach and join me in spreading this great empowering message.  The final stretch, and our highest honor, is being accepted into our Exclusive Masters Council, where you, and others who have reached this level of mastery, will combine your wisdom and passions and collectively conquer the world’s biggest problems.  

What decision should I make?

You'd be surprised how many people ask this question... But it's understandable. We acquire so much doubt and conflicting information throughout our lives and with today's media it is only getting worse. Here is what I offer you... For the first time in your life, make a decision that involves no one else's input but your own.  You KNOW what your gut is telling you right now.  Access the Honorary Membership free with an open mind. From there, you'll be best suited to determine whether continuing further is the right move for you. If nothing else, the info will expose you to a way of thinking you may have never believed existed before. You can fail at what you don’t want just as easily as you can fail at trying to do what you do want.  You might as well give yourself the chance at happiness.  I’d rather aim HIGH and fall a little short than aim low and nail it!!  Life is about choices.  This one is yours.  I will be looking forward to hearing of your growth...

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Our Symbol: The Exquiod

Years ago, a few friends and I were sitting at a kitchen table discussing how poorly we felt the world ran, while I was doodling on a scratch pad of paper.  On it, I drew a symbol.  It turned out to be the original version of the symbol you now see used throughout the Refuze branding and the one I have tattooed on my forearm.  Years after its creation, it became know as the Exquiod.

It's a Question mark, an Exclamation Point, and a Period.  It represents "Question life, Demand more, Period".  The Exquiod also represents how I life my life.  After 20 years of depression and turmoil, I now live every day to uplift others, teaching them how to live extraordinarily once they Refuze to Live Average.

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This program will help you stop making decisions that are TRAIL OF EXPERIENCES but also allows you to intentionally PLAN and ASSIGN exactly what will cause them.



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