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Thanks for your interest to get in touch.  I encourage all opinions, both of appreciation and of criticism.  This is what helps me grow as an individual and us to grow as a community.  I do ask you use some restraint and consider the purpose of your message.  If we will both grow from your effort, type away....  I offer some thoughts on this below..

Keep in mind while I try to reply to everyone, due to the volume, your message will be prioritized.  In other words, it's not possible for me to get back to everyone, but I will give it the ole college try...  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  You ROCK !!

So, before you email me, once again please consider any of the other many options I provide throughout the website to ensure your needs are addressed appropriately.  Most of the business related options are listed here.  If none of these interest you and you still have the burning desire to write, the following requirements must be adhered to:  This will greatly increase your odds of having your needs met and/or receiving a reply.

  • Please, no life stories. I love meeting and learning about new people, but I simply don’t have the time to read multiple biographies every day. If you have a problem and/or question, just get straight to it. Generally speaking, the shorter your email, the more likely I am to answer your question.
  • If you’re selling me something, then your pitch must be personalized. You must also list specific examples of how you can make my site or business better. Screenshots and statistics are preferred. If all you’ve got is a shitty copy/paste email that you send to 100 bloggers, then it will not even be read before it’s deleted (yes, it’s obvious).
  • If you’d like to do a guest post, please use the partnership funnel here.
  • If you’re seeking life advice, before emailing me, first ask yourself, “What if I do if I DID know the answer?" This alone solves the majority of my own life issues, so give it a try on your own.  If that doesn't work, sign up here and have at some of the free advise on my site.
  • Criticism is welcome and appreciated, but please make it respectful and rational. Any sort of name-calling, condescension, or references to ideology or religious belief will be ignored and deleted. I’m always looking to make my content and skills better, but if you just emailing me to say I write like a twelve year old, my editor tells me that everyday.   ... and yes I know I'd do great in a boy band, but I'm just waiting on my big break.
  • If you’re looking for a coach or a mentor, you must have missed the Start Here link....  so, Start Here.  No matter how large and famous I am (haha), I will always work with 1 - 3 quality individuals on an ongoing ( one on one ) basis.  I believe this is critical in keeping my skills as a coach sharp and to always enjoy that personal connection.  Understand though, my time is extremely limited and this type of focused attention comes at a severe cost.


Thank you,

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates