Value Added Services

We offer an array of robust packaged Membership Solutions, fulfilling individuals at any stage of their R.E.F.U.Z.E. Journey, however, there comes times when all you need is a specific component to do the trick.  For these occassions we offer most services a la carte as well. 

T2R Series ( Hero Training )

To live a bigger life, you must first become a bigger person. You must Train to Refuze. This requires effort and an acceptance of our innate responsibility

T2R (Ready) - FITness Goals

If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.  Develop your external body to support your internal desires.  This isn't about standing on stage, it's about being effective.  We offer the most advanced fitness curricullum, bringing you in alignment with the requirements of your extraordinary life.  Lose weight, gain strength, build confidence, and extend your endurance. Train to Refuze #T2R

T2R (Respond) - Tactical Training

For those who want to engage at a different level, T2R Tactical was created specifically for you.  Real world effective Krav Maga self defense and combat training producing real world results.   From survival to Don't wait till it's too late to learn you are not prepared or capable to perform at a critical moment.  Train to Refuze #T2R   

T2R (Return) - Mindfullness

We all have a plan till we get punched in the face.  Don't be caught off guard if your world should take a shit.  As men, we have an obligation to perform in any situation, under any circumstances.  Are you prepared for when your world calls on you?  Train to Refuze #T2R

Business Components

Realize your true business potential. Indulgence, Impact, Income

Payment Services

Big business has been robbing you blind long enough. No more high rates, hidden fees, and unanswered service calls?  We are here with a solution you need.  Full transparency and the simple desire to service our clients with integrity.  Allow us to offer you a FREE review of your current statement to see if you are compliant and getting the best servive available.      

Virtual Assistants

Gone are the days when you had to know everything to effectively run your business and/or not being able to afford the fees of a skilled individual to get quality work.  Get back to focusing on what you do best and leave to rest to us.  My talented firm of VA's are excited to see what new challenges you can rely on them for.  

Web / App Development

When you want to expand your business outside the confines of its brick and mortar perimeter, websites and mobile apps have provided the perfect solution.  Build client loyalty while also developing multiple streams of additional income.  Your secret weapon to enjoying 100% dedicated customer is here.  Be there when your clients are ready to make their decision.   

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