Creative Meditation

Take your mediations to the next level #RefuzeStyle.  We are the first to bring these two amazing sciences together producing undeniable results.
Reduce Stress / Builds Focus
Self Expression
Nostalgic Childhood Memories
Work through complex life challenge
Access deepest levels of subconscious
Develop amazing disciplines and confidence
Reflection / Gratitude
and soooo much more ...

Why coloring . . .

When we color, especially repetitive patterns, we experience mindfulness and easily reach a state I call Creative Meditation.  Coloring allows you to switch your brain off from chatter and other thoughts, while remaining present and focusing on the moment. This activity also engages both hemispheres of your brain, firing on both logical and creative neural pathways.  When we use logic to pick up a color for a particular shape or pattern, we activate the analytical part of the brain. Conversely, when we choose to mix and match colors, we activate the creative side of the brain. This helps incorporate both areas of the cerebral cortex which control vision and help with coordination and fine motor skills.

Click to download and print the free image below.  Listen to the brief 18 minute audio track provided and prime your mind to make the most of your meditative experience.

Refuze to Live Average Coaching is the originatorand pioneer of combining these two technologies, enhancing the creation of intentionally driven new neural pathways. This powerful newexperience is sure to have you accessing a mindfulness you never knew existed.

Success Stories

This shows how effective the Coloring Meditation is

I enjoyed the course so much that it became my weekly treat to myself.  I am now more focused and I can easily control my emotions especially when I am working.
Lance P


I have been doing this for months now. As a business owner I have found great benefit from it. At the end of the day I can ‘wash’ away all the stresses that I might have suffered  and lessen the strains of everyday life.
Ernie W

Business Owner

The effect on my life has been gradual but huge! The benefits have helped me in personal relationships, career decisions and in my health.
Patrick H

Personal Trainor

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