The most robust journaling tool ever created, combining years of well researched and proven NLP and psychological techniques; flipping your mental switches to produce real life lasting results.

The Journey Journal

I have gathered the most scientifically proven techniques for Productivity, Mind Management, and Happiness;
bundled them into a creative and intuitive form, and am now releasing it to the world for FREE !!!
Never before has there been a guided journal so robust yet so refined…

How are you creating the story of YOU…?!

It’s impossible for us to connect the dots of our lives looking forward into the future because they don’t exist yet, but it’s critical we pay close attention to the dots we create and leave behind.  Once these are connected, they become the story of our lives.

With the Journey Journal you are literally writing your own story…

Journaling has long been accepted as the most effective method of accumulating these dots. Cavemen did this by painting images of their activities on their cave walls. Recently, we’ve recognized, applying this technique of reflective writing specifically toward your personal growth has a dramatic effect on your clarity, positivity, productivity, and many other areas as well.

Now, REFUZE is taking this idea one step further (cuz that’s what we do here at REFUZE). I’m presenting you with the Journey Journal. This new form of guided journaling not only offers you the ability to document your trail of experiences, but also allows you to intentionally plan and assign exactly what will cause them.

What Journal Users are Saying...

Knowing exactly what you want and doing them is not as easy as it sounds.  By keeping a personal journal I was able to focus on the things I want to happen and actually doing something to achieve them.
Joseph W.

I used to think having a journal is just a waste of time. I was wrong! Not having one is.  I can now track the things that work for me and things that don't.  Thanks Tony for letting me see the light!
Andrew V.

The Journey Journal is unlike any I have tried and so far the best one yet.  It helps me discover more about myself and makes me feel empowered to finally do what I want for my life.
Gregory P.

Just the First Step...

The Journey Journal is just the first-step. Once you start your journey with us, you will get additional materials, updates and tools that will bring you not just closer to your goal, but ensuring that you actually be where you want the most to be. So waste no second anymore. Fill out the form on the right and enjoy participating in the active creation of your life.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates