To follow the training from beginning to end, I recommend you first register as an Honorary Member and enjoy over $1500 worth of programs and information provided to you for free.  Once you have completed all of those, hop in and share your experience in our online Refuze Community.  If you decide to continue, you will  invest $1.00 and upgrade your membership to a 30 day Novice Membership.  Here, your access will be granted to well over $2000 MORE worth of material.  When you're ready, the Apprentice level will continue you forward on your journey equipping you with tons more applicable knowledge, skills, and interaction with other members from within the community.  The next step is to make the investment in yourself and work with me one on one as a Practitioner Member, fine tuning your inner development.  If you are interested in expanding yourself outwardly, the Journeyman Corp is the next best step where you will begin to increase your income and happiness by doing more of what you love.   When this stage is complete, we allow you to consider the opportunity to become a Certified Refuze Mentor Coach and join me in spreading this great empowering message.  The final stretch, and our highest honor, is being accepted into our Exclusive Masters Council, where you, and others who have reached this level of mastery, will combine your wisdom and passions and collectively conquer the world’s biggest problems.  

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates