2 Week Shred Program

Get where you want to go with your fitness #RefuzeStyle.  Pack on serious muscles and achieve the physical fitness you dreamed of with NO equipment needed.

Burn more calories
Promote overall body health
Increase strength and stamina
Improve mood and mental health

Elevate self-esteem
Stay and feel youthful
Empower your mind and body
Reduce risks of chronic diseases

Get incredible shredded results...

 The 2 Week Shred program is a "body weight only" program that can be performed anywhere to get incredible shredded results.  The download will give you a group of exercises that can supplement your current routine or help you start with one that you can do without any equipment.

Success Stories

This shows how effective the T2R 2-Week Body Shred Program is

I rarely visit the gym because of my schedule and have started gaining weight and feeling sluggish in the past few years. Glad I tried this program because now I can do the exercises when I can and where it is convenient.

Richard G


I am very happy that I decided to do this despite my doubts.  Now I am seeing more muscles with just a month of doing this program.  On top of that, no bad weather can stop me anymore!

Steven L

Sales Executive

I love this program! It makes my usual workout more powerful and the exercise sets target the areas I really want improved.  Glad that Tony shared this to me and now I am also encouraging my gym buddies to try it out.

Randall M


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