Self Protection Strategies

Don't walk around in fear!  Refuze has prepared some tips to give you the confidence to defend yourselves. Preparation is the key to being successful when it comes to self protection.

Protect yourself from threats
Grow confidence in yourself
Develops self-discipline
Improves your physical condition

Enhances your reflexes
Develops a fighter's spirit within you
Makes you more aware and vigilant
Elevates your overall attitude

Train to be useful...

The T2R 10 Best Self Protection Strategies a will give you the tips you need to learn techniques and strategies to make you effective in your surroundings.

Success Stories

Learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

This is priceless! I learn things I can apply in real life situations and this has given me the confidence to be a better member of my community.

Jacob D


I used to be fearful when I see a bunch of guys bigger than I am enter my store.  Now I no longer feel scared and I become more confident to talk with my customers.

Brandon J

Store Owner

It's great to live each day knowing you can protect yourself anytime as well as the people you are with.  Self-defense is a must for every individual who desires peace of mind.

Zach T


Don't Be Shy

If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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