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Please be advised, you will only be charged $1 over the next 30 days unless you decide to continue with the NOVICE membership. At that point, do nothing and after the  30-day period is over, we will automatically renew your membership at the monthly rate and for every month there after. At any point you wish to cancel and go back as an HONORARY REFUZ-ENEUR, you will receive plenty of opportunities to do so. We want to be sure you are absolutely interested in being a paying member before we begin charging you. You will simply cancel your Paid Novice Membership and return to a Honorary Member at no further charge. If you also decide to continue as a paying member, please know that billing cycles are for the entire month. Cancelling in the middle of the month will immediately cancel your membership, you will not be refunded a pro-rated balance.

Novice Membership

RESET YOUR DEFAULTS with access to :

  • Creative & proven techniques & strategies
  • Easy to implement learning
  • Downloadable PDF Info Guides
  • Hours of supportive quality video and audio lessons

The benefits :

  • Remove negative hard-wiring
  • Squash limiting beliefs
  • Locate your own unrecognized wisdom
  • Destroy your inner Victim / Boy

But wait, there's more :

  • Earn a free monthly Live Roadmap Call
  • Regularly added bonus content
  • Social forum support and accountability
  • Priority access to additional services and program
  • and so much more....



The Novice program was created for those who want to understand life a little better at their own pace.  Gaining a new perspective on the fundamental challenges you are facing may be all you need to.  Lick the tires a little and see what the Refuze community is all about.Benefits: 

  • Go from victim to creator to victor.  
  • Access the neuro-science behind achievement.
  • Interrupt your nervous system coding.
  • Manipulate the laws of the universe in your favor.

Throughout life we accumulate undesirable beliefs and misguidance which can restrict us from growing to our full potential. Resetting your defaults is like wiping your life clean.  We eliminate all of these negative obstacles and return you to your original state or enthusiasm and curiosity.  Remember when you believed in how magical your live would be?  I found that it's not about "I wish I knew then what I know now".  That's an impossible.  What is possible is "believing now, like you did back then."  This, you can do and it's very very simple!

Have the trust, excitement, and belief in yourself again, and begin creating the life you always wanted.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates