dreamsHave you ever woken up from just having an amazing dream?  You sit and reflect on it for a moment but by the time you've gotten into the shower, 90% of it has been totally erased from your memory.  Your life's dreams can share this same fate.  Dreams are a mish mosh of information all stored in your sub-conscience.  During sleep, parts of this information come forward to create a hap-hazard story typically not making a whole bunch of sense.  Your brain chose to forget it because it doesn't make sense.  It's just too much information to try and process.  Sounds familiar?  How often have you been overwhelmed with the idea to take charge of your own life then just simply give in to the ease of what's comfortable?

The technique to assist you in making sense of your sleeping dreams is the same technique to use to assist you in making sense and accomplishing your life's dreams...


Dreams can be woken up from and are immediately forgotten, plans written down can be revisited over and over again until they are created.  I try to not consider my purpose a dream.

We condition ourselves all of our lives with all things through repetition.  Mass Media continuously uses this method to condition us to believe an individual is a celebrity, or the "in" thing.  Radio stations loop a new song every half an hour until we are conditioned to believe it's the greatest song out, driving its numbers skyward.  Conditioning or habit or the act of getting used to and comfortable with something until it becomes our habit, our preference.  Well, think about what a dream is.  It is something that we've conditioned ourselves to believe is make believe, an imaginary land, something that is woken up from and almost instantly, for most, forgotten.  Why then would you describe something as intimately meaningful for your existence a "dream"?!  You are subconsciously connecting it to something that you're conditioned to believe does not and will not ever exist.

Two ways to combat this.  Start using the term "purpose" instead of dream.  If something is your purpose then you have no choice but to do it.  It's what you were put here to do.

Second is to change your conditioning to what dreams are to you.  Enter... Lucid Dreaming.  When you begin to understand your dreams and can begin to actively participate in them, you will ultimately begin to drive them and control their outcomes.

Now dreams are controllable and so is your future.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates