Have you ever wanted a resource which brought together real world effective strategies with a great hero story?  I have created such the resource…

  • Easy to read ( just over 100 pages )
  • Easy to digest ( I was told I write like a 12 year old...lol )
  • Extremely effective ( Researched, tested, and proven strategies )
  • Easy to implement ( Don’t change anything except your awareness )

r2la-300x-2In my new book, Refuze to Live Average : The Universe’s Secret to Exceed Your Potential and Create a Life of Extraordinary Purpose… Revealed !,  I wanted to create a resource which would do more than just tell my story and sit on someone’s bookshelf.  I wanted to create something you could leave on your end table and refer to it for guidance.  Even though the story of how Refuze came to be is relatable and in itself extremely valuable, more important to me was sharing each model, activity, and understanding which had the greatest impact on my growth.  

Over the course of a few years I was able to go from totally lost, depressed, and hopeless to literally feeling like the world is my playground…  I want to share what I learned with everyone.  

When I was 16, I lost my mother.  This had an extremely devastating impact on me and began a downward spiral exposing all of the events of my life which unknowingly had a severe impact on me.  I believed I was all good, not knowing how these types of event affect you on a subconscious level.  The reality, I was a ticking time bomb and my defenses were slowly eroding.

I was playing a game of Russian Roulette with my future and my life.  In one hand I wanted to be a responsible and successful husband and parent.  While on the other hand I couldn’t stand waking up to face another day feeling like a failure and just wanted to die.  I was regularly engaging in a course of destructive behaviours allowing all of my decisions to be driven by this need for approval and validation of self worth, while hoping one of these activities would find my peaceful conclusion.  I was acting as a total victim to my circumstances.  The world was seemingly conspiring against me and I found my biggest sense of pride with “how difficult my life was”.  Having problems, in my mind made me important.  Important people have problems.  I was important.  Can you relate?

Then, something shifted.  As you will read in my book, I tell the story how I was gifted by noticing a symbol which immediately brought me a new perspective and awareness about myself and my potential.  It allowed me to begin recognizing a path which the universe has hidden in plain sight.  This path is available to anyone who is willing to adjust their focus beyond their own “problems” and I expose the entire thing,

Over the next few years, each new skill would open my awareness to a subsequent skill and in a relatively short amount of time, I was able to see the entire path.  The first step was for me to Unlearn everything I had believed about the world, what happiness was, and who I needed to be in order to achieve any of this.  

By using the models I offer in R2LA: The Book, I was able to learn the relevance my thoughts were having in every area of my life.  I learned I am not my thoughts.  And thoughts, in themselves, are neither right or wrong just supportive or destructive.  This alone allowed me to apply effort to being able to manage my thoughts which immediately impacted how I was able to show up in my life and redirect my outcomes.

Now, I am able to say with great confidence, based on years of research and my own personal experience, the tools I present in R2LA: The Book will dramatically enhance your life.  If you are struggling with inner turmoil, gaps in your ability to communicate, feeling lost or misguided, or just want to take your life to a whole new level and live extraordinary, this book will provide you everything you need.  Read it, re-read it, and implement it.    It’s all about taking these strategies and putting your time in on the mat.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy along with some additional free give-a-ways, Click Here now.

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