[[  Victim Mentality - Language Patterns  ]]


Men (and women) who suffer from a Victim Mentality have acquired three specific language patterns.    These patterns are extremely common in today’s society and are tremendously destructive.  But understand, these patterns are nothing more than bad habits, and like any bad habit can be easily redeveloped with proper awareness and intentional effort.  The three language patterns are Negative, Projected, and Soft.  

Negative language patterns refer to the negatives of everything.  #doom-gloom.  These individuals speak about what wasn’t, what isn’t, or what won’t be.  This reinforces the awareness of only negative areas existing in their lives.  Have you ever noticed when you purchase a new vehicle, or clothing, or anything significant, you immediately begin noticing others who have the same object as you where you hadn’t noticed this before?  This is the Reticular Activating System in your brain, responsible for alertness.  This works in the negative sense too.  The more you point out negative things, the more negative things you will notice.  

Projected language patterns remove the individual of ownership of the problem.  #blame-game.  They will accuse something or someone of being the cause of their unhappiness.  The worst part of projecting blame onto something outside yourself is you give away your power to control the solution to the problem.  Since you are the only thing you can control, keeping aware of your involvement in a situation allows you to fully participate in its solution.  

Soft language patterns use words which create uncertainty.  #wishy-washy.  Words like maybe, possibly, could, etc.  They cause doubt, worry, and procrastination.  Being firm of your beliefs and on your decisions allows for immediate and confident action.  This is the only way to fully realize your truest potential, fullest results, and deepest satisfaction.  Live all in !!

Recognize if you or anyone you know currently suffers from the habit of poor language patterns and the victim mentality.  Like any habit or pattern, with intentional consistent effort, is easily corrected.  

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates