subconscious1Like everything else in life, in order to be better at one thing, quite often something else has to suffer.  In the case of your Subconscious this ideal holds very true.  The subconscious has accepted the challenge to be incredibly accommodating in regards to its ability to receive information.  Due to the unimaginable influx of info that it chooses to process, it has made the decision to allow some things to suffer.  Specifically its ability to properly organize all the information.

All information that reaches your subconscious, directly or otherwise, is filed in one large folder marked "Preferred Experiences".  Yes, just one big folder for all of it.  It does not differentiate between imaginary or reality and it assumes, since you "experienced" it, then by all means you must have enjoyed it therefore adding them.  Because of this, be CAUTIOUS of your thoughts.  Continued negative thoughts inform your subconscious that it is what you are desiring and it will go to work directing you to be more susceptible to that which will bring you what it believes to be your desires.

Your subconscious is your "king".  It will listen to every and all of your deepest thoughts.  It will interpret them as your burning desires and will see to it that you experience everything it believes you want most out of life.  Discipline your thoughts to only feel what you really want to have or who you want to be in your life.  If you do so, then you have set in motion the strongest force available to creating a life that you truly do desire.

Be passionate toward what you desire leaving no doubt that it is what you are trying to accomplish.  If you wish to engage in assisting someone in need, do so.  Do it in a capacity that it is still productive to your well-being.  Recognize the good feelings you get from helping?  The satisfaction of alleviating someone else's pain?  Assist them if you must but do not commiserate or digest their woes as your own.  You must reject any and all urges that will just turn you susceptible to negativity.  Your subconscious might misinterpret it as your desire.

If you allow your mind to be idle, you are leaving your mental doors wide open to whatever influences others are directing toward you.  Their problems will become yours, their misfortunes will surely impact you.  Wish them well in their endeavors and get back to your own thoughts. Some people in life are chronic.  They will never understand, accept, or be willing to see the power they have over their thoughts.  You must allow them to take their own path and not knock your ship off course.

Remember that misery loves company and an open door is far too inviting and will not be passed by.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates