failingFailing. Yes, failing...

In the pursuit of fulfillment, failure plays a key role. Failure is your feedback. Everyone experiences mistakes and losses at some point in their journey. It may come right out of the gate or you may possess the ability to avoid it for a time, but inevitably you will come to grips with the misperceived devastation of the Fail!! Armed with a new understanding of what failing actually is, this could just become your new target. Not necessarily a point to drive toward but a moment of evaluation. A chance to acknowledge your accomplishments leading to this point, solidifying and celebrating your achievements, and a marker for where it is you need to focus growth. A place for you to set your bar. Failing establishes your next goal. You cannot have growth without first exposing your limitations.

Winning is great but the bigger lessons are learned in the failing! Continuously revisiting a goal previously accomplished does little more good then proving something you already know. Challenge yourself. Winning is the point in which you should raise your bar.

Failure leads to personal growth.

We can’t deny the fact that we as individuals would like to avoid failure as much as we can.  However, failure is not about what you can’t do but it is a realization that you can grow and be better than you were.  All it needs for failure to drive you towards winning is your attitude.  When you open yourself up to your limitations, the mistakes that you made along the way and the belief that there is still another chance, then you allow yourself to grow from the failure that you had.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates