managing your online businessAre you planning to create your very own online venture but don’t know where to start?  Or maybe you are already managing your online business for a while now but seeing no growth?  Well, you are not alone in this.  Truth is nine out of ten entrepreneurs will most likely fail in reaching their goals.  It’s the hard truth but not the one that should discourage you.  With this number in mind, you have to find a way that you won’t belong to that nine who are on their way to online oblivion.

When Ideas Light Up

You’re on your desk job thinking how you wish you also have your very own business to run.  Then suddenly a brilliant idea came across your mind!  You decided, this is going to be a big hit and you can start marketing it online.  Some of you on the other hand manage your own businesses but decide that you want to start promoting it online. So there you are, after a couple of hours of looking at how-to’s online, you decide to build your very own online business.

Get a Dose of Reality

I’ve been where you are so I know how you feel those first few days or weeks or months of putting your ideas into actual plans.  There will be times when you are so fired up you no longer know which day it is.  Sometimes you no longer differentiate day from night or vice versa.  There will be moments when your friends and loved ones already sent you countless messages or give you cold shoulders because you no longer hangout with them.  There’s nothing wrong in being caught up with your passion… but how long will you neglect yourself?

Stress to Burnout

Most of the time, we can’t avoid getting stressed.  What we do need is to understand when stress is about to burn you out.  Burnout is caused by constant stress that leaves you feeling helpless and disillusioned.  This is very common in entrepreneurs and business owners and ignoring it will only result to poor performance and both mental and physical exhaustion.  If all these will happen, then it will spill all over the different areas in your life and can threaten not just your career but also your personal lives.

You Are Destroying Your Dreams

The business industry is volatile and no matter how great your idea is or how reliable the services and products you offer, you are not exempted.  This is why you have to find ways not to work hard but rather to work smarter.  Set your priorities, know your strengths and most especially know your limitations.  If you don’t have time to do all that you need for your business, then by all means learn how to delegate those tasks. If you keep on going even if you know you need help or if you insist that you can get to all your backlogs someday… you are just destroying your dreams.

A solution is always within reach.

If you don’t know where to start or what aspect of your business you really need help the most, reach out.  You can’t waste another day… another hour…in not finding the solution to your dilemma.  Break free from all the work and tasks that’s holding you back from your business goal.  There’s always a sustainable way in managing your online business that can give you the freedom you need to finally focus on moving towards your dreams.


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