The Journey JournalEvery one of you have your own aspirations and in one time or another have sat down and spent time thinking about how to reach them. Some of you may have planned, strategized and even have a yearly resolution list that you hope would somehow bring you closer to that goal. One thing’s for sure, most of you know you must do something in order for you to get where you want to be but not all of you know where to start. This is what often makes the journey more complicated, if not elusive.

It’s been long proven, writing down your goals and tracking them makes you significantly more likely of accomplishing them. Some say as much as 10x’s!! That being said, I made it my mission to develop the most efficient and effective tool to do so.

The Journey Journal

It is the culmination of years of research involving what makes for effective goal tracking and achievement. Then taking each of those tools, along with my own sense of flare and creativity, and presenting it in a way that can be both useful and entertaining. I wanted it to be something you enjoy carrying around and look forward to filling in with information. Because ultimately, THAT is what is going to bring you the results you desire.

Why Journaling?

For years I struggled with traditional methods of what I call long-form journaling. Where you begin with a blank lined notebook and at the end of each day dump the deepest darkest parts of your soul into it. This is very effective for “looking back & connecting with those memories, whereas The Journey Journal is about looking forward and tracking your progress.

This is my gift to you. I give you... The Journey Journal.

If it’s useful and effective, it’s in here. I am giving this out to anyone who wants to become a member of This is not just some trick I have to get you to sign-up. The reason is that only people who really want to make a difference and live above average would have the desire to join my community…and these same people will find the most use for The Journey Journal.

And The Journey Journal is just the first-step. Once you start your journey with us, you will get additional materials, updates and tools that will bring you not just closer to your goal, but ensuring that you actually be where you want the most to be. So waste no second anymore. Click the button below and enjoy participating in the active creation of your life.

Daily Journey Journal Tony Kates